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3 Questions to Ask When Getting a New Garage Door Install

If you're in the market for a new garage door, you'll want to have it professionally installed. Before making your purchase, though, think carefully about the kind of door you want and who will install it for you. That reduces the risk of problems that can come from improper installation and helps ensure that you'll like your door. Here are three essential questions to ask.

1. What Style and Kind of Door Do You Want?

You can get a garage door made from wood, fiberglass, vinyl, or steel. The kind of materials you choose may depend on your location and budget, along with the look you like best. The style of door also matters, and really comes down to aesthetic choices and what fits with the look of your home. Modern, rustic, or classic and elegant are all popular options for the look of a garage door.

2. Does Your Door Need to Be Insulated?

Most people choose garage doors that are insulated if they have a climate-controlled garage space, a room above the garage, or a garage attached to the house. It helps to keep the heating and cooling bills lower. If you have a detached garage, though, you might want to choose an uninsulated door. These doors are usually less expensive to purchase.

3. What Kind of Warranty Does Your Garage Door Need?

A good garage door will come with a warranty, and that helps protect you from unexpected costs if something should go wrong with the door in the future. Ask about the manufacturer's warranty on the door itself, along with the warranty from the installation company. While the manufacturer will be responsible for defects in the door and related issues, you want the installation company's warranty to cover problems with the actual operation of the door if they installed it incorrectly.

By taking some time to consider your new garage door, you can ask the right questions and be happier with your purchase.

Whatever your needs may be, Pacific Garage Door Repairs, Inc. is sure to find a door that fits your wants and needs. If you’re ready to take the next step to having a new garage door, contact us today!

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