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  • Yehuda Barhany

Warning Signs That Your Garage Door May Need Repair

If your garage door hasn't been inspected in a long time, or it's just not acting quite right, it might be time for a repair. Here are a few of the biggest signs to look out for to determine if you need a new garage door.

It's Really Noisy

Garage doors definitely aren't silent, but they shouldn't be excessively noisy, either. If you start to notice that your garage door is making a lot more noise than it used to, having a professional take a look can be important.

It's Slow to Respond

When you use your automatic garage door opener, the door should react quickly and efficiently. If you're pressing the button, and your door is taking several seconds before it begins to move, there could be a problem that needs repair.

It's Sagging or Out of Balance

Garage doors that sag aren't going to open and close smoothly, whether they're motorized or not. They may catch and bind, and they often don't look good, either. But most of the time they can be repaired, so they look better and work properly again.

It's Off the Track

If your garage door has come off the track, that's a big sign to get it repaired right away. There's a lot of tension on the springs and other parts, and you could be putting yourself at risk if you try a DIY fix. Instead, just call a professional and let them handle it safely.

It Won't Open or Close

Any garage door that won't open or close at all needs to be repaired. Not being able to use the door is frustrating, and probably the biggest sign that something is wrong. With some repairs, your door should be working smoothly again.

Don't just live with the frustration of a garage door that needs repair. Working with a repair company at the first sign of a problem can get your door back in working order quickly and efficiently.

If you have a malfunctioning garage door, do not wait until you experience something worse because of it. Consult with an expert repair specialist from Pacific Garage Doors Inc. today so that it can be addressed immediately! Contact us today at

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